Korean designer JUUN.J's decidedly modern approach and talent for creating new silhouettes made him an invaluable contributor to Zero Zero Vol 02. His custom-made, white, drawstring, warrior-like trousers worn by the male characters in Zero Zero Vol 02, were inspired by 'Kkeun', the Korean word for a slender and long cord, because of its ability to hold and restrain. "When tightly wound or made loose, the two opposing forces create dramatic beauty. "This is fashion representing the most erotic and sensual symbol and detail," describes designer JUUN.J on his collaboration for Zero Zero Vol 02.

He debuted his eponymous label in 2007 during Paris Men's Fashion Week to great acclaim, and in 2012 JUUN.J became a part of Samsung Cheil Group.


For Zero Zero Vol 02, KAIMIN's namesake label explores the various modalities of fetishism, eroticism and sadomasochism through custom-made pieces that dissect and distort the human body. "Sex is an animalistic and intuitive action. KAIMIN in ZERO ZERO Vol.2 is made to evoke the essentialism of sexual desire that reacts to the statement of one's own subconscious."

KAIMIN's debut collection has already attracted the attention of stylists and press, and most notably singer Beyoncé, who wore KAIMIN in her music video "Grown Woman." The line offers a strict palette of black, white and red exclusively in leather and lace. What we're left with is an uncompromisingly dark and thrilling vision of womenswear for a new human specimen who dresses entirely for her pleasure.