Befitting 00's inaugural issue, the german artist Robert Knoke has been described as a true artist that changes the very nature of things. Knoke's large scale drawings have documented visionnaires such as Patti Smith, Rick Owens and Terence Koh. With essays and interviews by Casey Spooner, Tim Goosens and Julia Meier, 00 Volume 01, Black Material is a study of materiality, process and abstraction.

The packaging story for 00 Volume 1: Black Material is a response to many aspects of Roberts Knoke's thinking and approach.  The form and material detailing of the package draws inspiration from Robert's graphic mark-making techniques, use and application of materials/finishes, and the artist's interest in the relationship between his subject and the act of drawing.  It seeks to invite the reader into the package and provides a tactile exchange of surfaces, materials and information much like the artist's work.

The creative strategy for the presentation of content throughout 00 Volume 1: Black Material has been orchestrated around three key propositions. 1. The outcomes, 2. The act of creation, 3. Environments & influences. Each of these notions have been examined in differing ways throughout the publication and provides a unique way to articulate the depth and texture of Robert's world.